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  • We offer our customers not just products, but an exact solution to their task.
  • For us there are no trifles - everything is done at the highest level, starting from the quality of the casting blank, accuracy processing of the disc, the quality of the liner material and finishing with the coating and color of the lower bolt of fastening of the disc valve stem.
  • We offer our business partners not special discounts, but real opportunities for creating a new developing business.

About us

INNOJOKER LIMITED is engaged in the supply of high-tech valves of new designs using innovative materials for corrosive, abrasive and aggressive environments in industrial enterprises.

The company supplies butterfly valves and industrial pumps, control and globe valves, as well as all the necessary components and spare parts for them.

Development of innovative designs and materials for international customers is carried out on the basis of high requirements for product quality and operating experience of specialists who directly operate valves in various industries - shop mechanics, instrumentation specialists.

Studying the world experience, innovative developments and development trends, INNOJOKER LIMITED specialists offer our partners designs and materials that are optimal in terms of quality - price ratio. Our proposal is based on the requirements, experience and operating conditions of a particular customer.


  • Supplies of butterfly valves, industrial pumps, control and shut-off valves.
  • Supplies of accessories and spare parts for the entire range of shut-off and control valves.


Shut-off valves

Slurry pump

High load slurry pump

Butterfly valve
with electric drive

Butterfly valve

Shut-off and control valve
with electric drive


+86 15611759280


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